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in town. there is a warm front boundary here through the virginia mountains. this storm is flowing showers on the northern fringe. the yellow and the orange are the more substantial rain. the storm itself is a slow mover. yesterday in kentucky. and this morning in the north carolina mountains. it will be pulling a southeasterly wind. that will hold our temperatures down and increase our threat of rainfall. so, check out the forecast model. there will be rain during the afternoon hours, but the heaviest rain south of annapolis, through maryland and virginia, that is pretty much where the band of rain will stay in response to our storm that sits here across south central virginia. we will get the threat of rain through the evening hours. overnight, there is the center of circulation, with the rain wrapping around the back side of the low. that's off of the coast. the clear skies leaving us with more sunshine and a warmup before the next weather system can race in here for the weekend and next week. for today, mostly cloudy skies. there will be afternoon hours. so, take up the brella and a li
virginia as its new home for the global headquarters. virginia's deal evidently was the best on the table. in "the washington post" one maryland lawmaker says the state is more gay-friendly than virginia but grumman of course has won national awards for gay rights. still not clear whether northrop is going to land in arlington or fairfax but the state is about to land thousands of jobs. >>> a 5:03. if you're looking for work and you're an educator baltimore county schools may be the right place to be for you. sherrie johnson live in timonium with more on a job fair to recruit teachers. >> reporter: good morning. we're here live at the state fairgrounds in timonium where this place is going to be all abuzz with people later this afternoon. this is all a part of the teacher expo and job fair to recruit teachers to baltimore county schools. unlike other school systems around the country who reduced positions baltimore county schools expect to hire nearly 700 new educators. you don't have to register in advance. teachers need to bring copies of resumes here. administrators and faculty repres
jefferson road. and reports up in through west virginia. this is charlestown picking up one-inch hail as well. most reports coming with the storm that came through between 5:00 and 8:00. definitely settling down and weakening as it pushed through howard county and across the baltimore metro area. this is the situation we had, definitely more tame than the widespread tornado outbreak that we had on saturday in the deep south. for this monday, 26th of april, 45 morning, 68 in the afternoon typically. record, freezing in balm in 2001. sun coming up at 6:15. it will get bright but it will remain cloudy. 51 now. we're on the cool side of the boundary that shows widespread 60s from southeastern virginia in through the carolinas. while we have 40s just up towards our north. we're in this cool pattern here. we've got a band of rain trying to re-develop back towards the west side. it appears as if there's training going on which means the bands are going over the same area. flooding potential back towards frederick county, may roll down the potomac as well. steady rains north of the border in
wind holding them down to 67 compared to 77 in charleston, west virginia. this is a 20-degree spread from the shoreline back into the mountains of west virginia because that's where the air is coming from. on this tax day, we normally would expect the 15th of april to bring us a low of 42 and high of 64 record in 1973, 31 degrees, 88 and the record high of the heatwave of 1941. records are still on the books for us. the sun comes up. we got ourselves virtually closed skies. we'll really add on to the thermostat this afternoon. this is providing rain and a slow moving frontal boundary for the time being and north wisconsin. this front will be sliding itself in our direction and will reach us by later tomorrow and tomorrow night. but ahead of it it shifts the winds out of the west and the southwest. and that is a warmer flow for us for the places by the chesapeake and the atlantic. we actually get a chance to warm up. but the clouds come back in tomorrow and we have rain on the doorstep by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. heavy rains to the north and west. but there could be spotty showers and
threatening. >>> all new this morning: rescue crews entered the west virginia coal mine around 4:30 this morning in search of four missing miners, two days after a mining blast took 25 people. air quality allowed the securers to search for the miners. the west virginia governor says there's a slim chance they survived. they'll recover 18 bodies of those who died. >>> it appears to have been a nicotine addiction that sparked a bomb scare on board a flight that started in washington, d.c. a gutari diplomat tried to have a smoke inside a bathroom. officials took him down hard. he apparently joked about the smell of smoke saying he was trying to light his shoes. no explosives were found and the plane did land safely. >>> 5:05 now. orioles. jeremy guthrie threw a pretty good game last night. orioles at the start, hitting in the clutch. in two games they are 3-for-21. runners in scoring positions. one more game in tampa and the home opener tomorrow. >>> bob ehrlich hits the road on his message. change is coming to our state. >> hear why so many people are back in the former governor's
in baltimore, one of the warmest spots in the mid-atlantic. allatoona, pittsburgh, even through virginia, most of virginia cooler than we are. with the exception of norfolk at 57. we're back into the clearing and we'll have ourselves plenty of sunshine for today. clouds will try to come back ahead of this system. high pressure off the coast. developed large storm, back there on the eastern plains of colorado, pushing into the central plains. that is going to induce a severe storm threat across the nation's heartland. increases the winds. we're watching that with the wind flow and probably carrying that oil spill in the gulf. 50 miles toward the north towards the louisiana coast. a lot of factors coming together here. this severe weather threat will make headlines, but will weaken as it reaches us. here we go, increasing clouds tomorrow morning. maybe showers arriving to the afternoon. heaviest rain arriving just after midnight. 2:00 in the morning through daybreak. we have ourselves a good shot of rain here. remnants of severe storms back across the west. could be a rumble of thunder. most of
. but the run ins on the moisture is around southwest virginia. in some places here, we will have the visibility cut down to a quarter or an eighth of a mile. here is the deal, we have moisture left back across the great lakes. we have the weather system here, we have a frontal boundary, shifting the winds, and that is going to be benefiting today with the sunshine. and it's going to stick around for a couple of hours, and then we get down -- get up to the 64 degrees. now, tonight, we will still have some patchy fog. >>> tomorrow, we will have a beautiful afternoon, again, jumping above normal at 72. >>> try, let's look at that traffic. >> >> make sure you slow coup and take -- down and take your time. we have 695 and frederick road, traffic is building on the cameras. also, we have the drive time this morning as you head out. 895 southbound to 295, 4 minute drive. >> 695 to 795, 5 minute drive. >> happy birthday to ava. don't you love her. >> she's a cutie pie. have a great day. 5 years old today. >> everybody remembers brad garrott from the show everybody loves raymond. 69. >> jamie and i didn
, sherrie. >>> it's 5:17. and today officials plan to pump nitrogen gas into the west virginia coal mine where an explosion killed 25 men on monday. they're doing everything they can do to allow rescuers to reach four missing miners. the community is still holding out hope, but officials say they're considering the time, the poisonous gasses and the fact that the miners may not have survived. we're still wait and waiting and hoping for the best. one man had to be secured e rescued when an oak tree uprooted and fell on top of his car. damage is predicted to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. >>> a cold front blew through. two days at 90 this week. 84 yesterday. this morning slipping to 53. look what's on the map. pittsburgh 39 degrees this morning. there's chilly air trying to build in on the other side of the mountains. a cold front draped across the del marva peninsula. through new jersey and new york. it will slowly work its way towards and off the coast through the day. we still have leftover showers. we have a strong breeze out of the northwest that will pick up into the afterno
about 30 miles south of charleston, west virginia. investigators are expected to arrive today to determine what caused the explosion. >> it is now 5:03. polish immigrants and desen dents around the world, here in russia. 96 people were killed including poland's president and top mitt skal military officials. a top russian says it doesn't appear there were any technical problems aboard the jet liner. >> that loss is being mourned here in baltimore, more than two dozen people gathered saturday on president's street in harbor east. they were on the way to russia to mark the 70th anniversary of the massacre, killed polish military, and intellectuals during world war ii, in among those gathered in baltimore. >> it was a very popular president. he was a mayor of warsaw who had been a founding father of solidarity, that the liberation to poland from communism, and he was much to love. >> because we went together to be together in moment of sorrow, be together. we need to be together because we need. >> there was also a memorial to acknowledge the polish president at a church in silve
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9